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CEO (#38)

UAE-Abu Dhabi   17,Jan,2017 04:51:22 PM

It is part of a large investment group. 

The CEO will render full-time, professional services to in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital. The CEO will perform all duties that may be required by virtue of the position as CEO and all duties set forth in the Hospital’s governing laws, regulations, contracts and bylaws and in policy statements of the Board of Directors, to implement the strategic goals and objectives of the Hospital. The CEO will be committed to providing inspiring and effective leadership while administering, directing and coordinating all activities of the Hospital toward the fulfilment of the Hospital’s values, mission, strategy, and the achievement of its annual goals and objectives.

1. Strategic Planning – The CEO stays current with general industry conditions and their potential impact on the Hospital’s policies and operations and, in collaboration with the Board of Directors, develops the short-term and long-term strategic plan for the Hospital and its offered services. The CEO ensures the strategic plan is articulated both internally and externally, and effectively delegates key activities to ensure timely execution of the strategic plan initiatives. The CEO should assess the draft business plans that have been drawn up by the Board and Hospital and amend/alter these as required. The CEO should take the organization to the next step in its structure, scope, performance and quality improvement and should have the ability to stay ahead of the curve by anticipating demands and constraints within the evolving healthcare industry and be able to ensure that the Hospital is positioned for continued success.
2. Delivery of Healthcare Services – CEO has overall responsibility for the design, marketing, promotion, delivery, risk management and quality of all Hospital healthcare programs and services. The CEO ensures that policies and practices effectively support sound and safe patient care, and that the delivery of healthcare services provides the highest level of a positive experience to the patient.
3. Board Administration and Support – The CEO supports the operations and administration of the Board of Directors by maintaining continual, open and effective communication with the Board members. The CEO should provide prompt, thorough, and accurate information to keep the board appropriately informed of the organization’s financial and operational position.
4. Medical staff Liaison – CEO facilitates relationships between the doctors and the Hospital. CEO leads the efforts to support doctors through recruiting, continuing education opportunities and medical staff development.
5. Public Relations – Through exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, the CEO assures that the Hospital and its mission, programs, and essential services are consistently presented in a strong, positive image to relevant stakeholders, including patients, physicians and employees.
6. Compliance – The CEO will ensure the Hospital complies with HAAD and other regulations as they apply to operations of the Hospital.
7. Financial Management – CEO recommends yearly budget for Board approval and ensures prudent management of the Hospital’s resources within those budget guidelines. The CEO conducts or oversees the negotiation of professional, consultant and service contracts. The CEO ensures that appropriate internal and management controls are established and maintained.
8. Human Resource Management – The CEO organizes function of the Hospital through appropriate delegation, and establishes a formal means of accountability for those assigned duties. The CEO ensures effective management of the human resources of the Hospital according to current, authorized personnel policies and procedures that fully conform to current laws and regulations. The CEO should develop a robust human resource retention and reward plan.
9. Facilities Management - The CEO oversees the preservation of the asset value of the Hospital’s capital investments, oversees the management of construction activities, and ensures disaster and emergency preparedness activities are appropriately planned, exercised, and documented.

The Board of Directors may assign other duties as necessary.



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